Allovita and our environment

Dear Freinds/costommers

Here is Niels Christian Nielsen, a danish costommer for more than 10 years, He is also convinced about the benifits it only cost me , 0,30 eur each pigs i produce. I get my money back many times.Also i be a part of the reduction co 2, come and enjoy me .

Did you know if 50% of the slaughtered chicken producent use the Allovita herps system the will save the environment co  2, from 8% and up depense of the feed, it will be so wonderfull if they youse this systems. Sent feed back if you are ore knowing , about farmers who can be interesting in Allovita systems. Allovita kit 1 is on offer in the moment- see the offer on this pigs and poultry. Ore youse our online management, 

You can ordre allovita on the e-mail ore here on the site /contacts.

Thank you for reading this .

Allovita Defender the immunsystem.

Dear Custommers, we can offer you a broad ,management ore seperate 

tradements, allovita systems for human, seperate tradements, ore whole

farms , as SOW-DAIRY COWS-BROILERS-MINK- ore any kind of

animals farms, just ask us. Is the most secure valure, you ever can get.

WELCOME  to look at allovitas antibacteriel effects  IMG_2119.MOV video Allovita defender the immunsystem

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