Dear Freinds co 2, let us get started.

Is 25 % of the co 2 there come from the food production, let do something –now. SPECIAL CATTLE HERDS ARE SOUGHT-REDUCE YOUR COSTS.

Here is our participation in co 2. Now we have through our clientele and the product Allovita systems, contributed to reducing co 2 emissions, at our costomers production animals, about 40 Milions, units from my start, about 20 Years, this is a small part when we look at co 2 emissions together.

Allovita is a generator machine for you and the reduction the co 2 , think of this next time you go and delevery to the environment.

Allovita is only from the feed site/reduction of drug consumption/medicin .

The Best Choice
Allovita .Defender the immunsytem.

Allovitaworks through the digestive system.

We know that this is a huge and complex case, but the focus creates results, so we talk about it afterwards.

Note: Make a decision now, and buy a test bottle 50 ml Allovita

Good day to all.

Broilers internationalt.

Dear Farmer owner. We , can offer your company, your safe value figures. We are looking for broiler producers and pig producers-special small pigs.

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Allovita information.

Willkommen, zu dieser information-Wir halten vertrage in erfahrenen gruppen oder vereinigungen an.

Mit freundlichen grusen spezialist/immunsytem/futtermittel.

John Erik Hansen .

New Generation for powerfull, liquid vitamins and herbs- Neue Generation mit Kraftvollen flussigen Vitamin und Allovita Krautern.

Allovita system –

The new powerful liquid vitamins and allovita herbs- Garlic (allicin stable) blueberry -ginsing – others herbs. and vitamins  – the new powerful Garlic (allicin stable) blueberry -ginseng – others herbs and vitamins in.

Buy Now- Free shipping in eu. , is a surprime offer- 15Liters  concentrate(price only 600 eur) to mix 200 Liter vitamins  – vitamins and allovita herbs  , ore direct in the drinking water system.

Price is only 5oo Eur pr 100liter + freight. Price is for kit 1. E vitamin- c vitamin selen+ allovita herbs in 100Liter drums.

You get the cost from allovita back in the reduction the co 2-and the feed consumption, and medicin. Allovita system is one of the leading immune line to  your  animals feed plan.



Allovita -Systems


Die Neuen kraftvollen vitamine und Allovita Krauter-Knoblauch-Blaubeer-Hyben-Ginseng-Kraftstabiles Allicin)

Jetzt Kaufen-Kostenloser versand in EU- 15Liters Konzentrat Preis nur 600eur. 15 Liters Zum Mischen von 200 Liters Fassen Oder Direkt in Trinkwasser.

Der Schnellste weg,Um co 2 in der Umgebung zureduzieren.


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John Erik Hansen
















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