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Dear Farmer owner. We , can offer your company, your safe value figures. We are looking for broiler producers and pig producers-special small pigs.

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Here is Allovita contact informations:  e mail- . We youse pay pal , when your ordre Allovita Products/system count.s . Ore  our bank.


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We are very proud to see there is many who look at our web site and special our video s . Just to inform you all , we are specialist in motivations -consulting,the workers, if you wanted a high , graf in your business. Please contact me here on the site, ore e mail me . Thank You for your interesting.



Wir sind sehr stolz darauf,dass so viele unsere website besuchen ,inbesondere unsere videos.

Um sie zu informieren,sind wir Spezialisten auf Motivation,Ihre mitarbeiter, wenn sie ein stabiles Wachstum in ihem unternehmen wunschen

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New Generation for powerfull, liquid vitamins and herbs- Neue Generation mit Kraftvollen flussigen Vitamin und Allovita Krautern.

Allovita system –

The new powerful liquid vitamins and allovita herbs- Garlic (allicin stable) blueberry -ginsing – others herbs. and vitamins  – the new powerful Garlic (allicin stable) blueberry -ginseng – others herbs and vitamins in.

Buy Now- Free shipping in eu. , is a surprime offer- 15Liters  concentrate(price only 600 eur) to mix 200 Liter vitamins  – vitamins and allovita herbs  , ore direct in the drinking water system.

Price is only 5oo Eur pr 100liter + freight. Price is for kit 1. E vitamin- c vitamin selen+ allovita herbs in 100Liter drums.

You get the cost from allovita back in the reduction the co 2-and the feed consumption, and medicin. Allovita system is one of the leading immune line to  your  animals feed plan.



Allovita -Systems


Die Neuen kraftvollen vitamine und Allovita Krauter-Knoblauch-Blaubeer-Hyben-Ginseng-Kraftstabiles Allicin)

Jetzt Kaufen-Kostenloser versand in EU- 15Liters Konzentrat Preis nur 600eur. 15 Liters Zum Mischen von 200 Liters Fassen Oder Direkt in Trinkwasser.

Der Schnellste weg,Um co 2 in der Umgebung zureduzieren.


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